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Neal hails from Alden, NY, a suburb of Buffalo. Yes, he’s a Bills Fan and still admits it, BUT is also a fan of the Carolina Panthers and a lifelong fan of UNC basketball. Neal has wanted to be on the radio since he was Mrs. Anthony’s 3rd grade class DJ at Alden Elementary School.

Neal graduated Buffalo State College and worked for some great radio stations in Buffalo, NY,  Erie, PA., Columbus, OH.,  Jacksonville, Florida and Charlotte where he spent over 10 years as Program Director of award winning 107.9 the Link . He did not work at WKRP in Cincinnati, but has worked with newsman Les Nessman. Neal is married to Lorraine and their daughter Lindsay is a High School Junior.



Wednesday, February 26, 201402/26/2014

A Couple Walking Their Dog Find $10 Million in Buried Treasure

It Could Pay To Take Your Dog For A Walk


Friday, February 14, 201402/14/2014

8 Small and Easy Ways to Say “I Love You”

Shoveling Off Their Car Made The List…See The Rest Here…

AFI FEST 2013 Presented By Audi - Disney's "Saving Mr. Banks" Opening Night Gala Premiere

Thursday, February 13, 201402/13/2014

Top 10 Most Trustworthy Celebs

Tom Hanks & Betty White Made The List…Checkout The Other Names On The Trustworthy Celebs List Here…


Thursday, February 6, 201402/06/2014

12 Rules for Being a Good Boyfriend . . . According to Two Girls Aged 6 and 9

Nice Handwriting Made The List…And There’s More…


Wednesday, February 5, 201402/05/2014

Shivering For 10 Minutes Burns as Many Calories as Exercising For an Hour

Did You Lose Weight Last Week When Asheville Was In A Deep Freeze?


Tuesday, February 4, 201402/04/2014

Is It Time for a Plus Sized Disney Princess? A Virginia High School Girl Thinks So

It’s Time For the Next Frontier . . . A PLUS-SIZE PRINCESS…Read More Here…

Tony Dungy and Peyton Manning

Friday, January 31, 201401/31/2014

5 Facts About Super Bowl 48

Peyton Manning Is The Only Player In The Game Who Has Won A Super Bowl & Other Fun Facts…


Wednesday, January 29, 201401/29/2014

The 3 Biggest Things That Make Coworkers Dislike Each Other

Stealing Food From The Office Fridge Is High On The List…

56th Annual GRAMMY Awards

Tuesday, January 28, 201401/28/2014

Madonna’s Grammy Get Up…

Madonna’s Grill (Teeth) & Cane Were A Grammy Fashion Statement…Nice Hat too…


Friday, January 24, 201401/24/2014

The 10 Best Jobs When It Comes to Salary, Job Security, and Future Prospects

Software Developer Tops The List..See What Other Jobs Are Considered The Best…

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