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Neal hails from Alden, NY, a suburb of Buffalo. Yes, he’s a Bills Fan and still admits it, BUT is also a fan of the Carolina Panthers and a lifelong fan of UNC basketball. Neal has wanted to be on the radio since he was Mrs. Anthony’s 3rd grade class DJ at Alden Elementary School.

Neal graduated Buffalo State College and worked for some great radio stations in Buffalo, NY,  Erie, PA., Columbus, OH.,  Jacksonville, Florida and Charlotte where he spent over 10 years as Program Director of award winning 107.9 the Link . He did not work at WKRP in Cincinnati, but has worked with newsman Les Nessman. Neal is married to Lorraine and their daughter Lindsay is a College Freshman.

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Tuesday, December 3, 201312/03/2013

It Would Cost You $27,393 to Buy Everything From the “12 Days of Christmas”

The Cost of A Partridge In A Pear Tree Is Up


Monday, December 2, 201312/02/2013

What Santa’s Watching On TV Tonight

Christmas & Holiday TV Shows Monday


Monday, December 2, 201312/02/2013

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Day Awesome

Savor your Morning Coffee…


Wednesday, November 27, 201311/27/2013

The Top 10 Holiday Movies and TV Specials for Families

The Grinch Came in #1…See What Else Made The List


Monday, November 25, 201311/25/2013

The 10 Most Annoying Things People Do on Planes

Chances Are..You’ve Been A Victim…


Wednesday, November 20, 201311/20/2013

If You Blow Up Your House Frying a Turkey, Expect a $29,000 Insurance Payout

If You Burn It Down With a Christmas Tree, Expect $100,000


Tuesday, November 19, 201311/19/2013

You Don’t Have to Call Your Relatives on Christmas Anymore . . . They’re Fine With Just a Text

Does Grandma Have a Smart Phone?

Mel B and Stephen Belefonte spotted cruising on Citibikes

Monday, November 18, 201311/18/2013

The Key to Making People Think You’re Rich Is . . . Wearing Sweatpants in Public?

Is it really that easy?


Friday, November 15, 201311/15/2013

It’ll Cost Slightly Less to Serve Thanksgiving Dinner This Year

Find out why…Details Here…


Thursday, November 14, 201311/14/2013

Top 10 Bad Habits We Wish We Could Break

Smoking Tops The List…Checkout The Rest Of The Top 10 Here…

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