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Neal hails from Alden, NY, a suburb of Buffalo. Yes, he’s a Bills Fan and still admits it, BUT is also a fan of the Carolina Panthers and a lifelong fan of UNC basketball. Neal has wanted to be on the radio since he was Mrs. Anthony’s 3rd grade class DJ at Alden Elementary School.

Neal graduated Buffalo State College and worked for some great radio stations in Buffalo, NY,  Erie, PA., Columbus, OH.,  Jacksonville, Florida and Charlotte where he spent over 10 years as Program Director of award winning 107.9 the Link . He did not work at WKRP in Cincinnati, but has worked with newsman Les Nessman. Neal is married to Lorraine and their daughter Lindsay is a College Freshman.

Neal's Blog

Brad Pitt surprises fans during the Madrid 'World War Z' premiere

Friday, October 25, 201310/25/2013

Has Brad Pitt Stopped Using Soap?

Ladies–Would Tou Date A Stinky Guy?


Thursday, October 24, 201310/24/2013

Check Out Some Halloween-Related Guinness World Records

The Heaviest Pumpkin, Pumpkin Pie & Piece of Candy Are In The Mix…

Barclaycard British Summer Time

Wednesday, October 23, 201310/23/2013

25 Grandparents Who Still Rock

Keith Richards & Mick Jagger Made The List..And There’s More

Paris Fashion Week Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2014

Tuesday, October 22, 201310/22/2013

9 Disliked Celebrities Who Deserve Another Chance

Kim & Kanye Top The List..See Who Else Is Worthy of Another Chance…


Friday, October 18, 201310/18/2013

Every State’s Signature Food Ranked From Best to Worst

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza was #1 & North Carolina Comes in 13th?


Wednesday, October 16, 201310/16/2013

The 9 Most Obnoxious Things People Post on Facebook

The “i”m Living the Life” Brag..Leads the Way…


Monday, October 14, 201310/14/2013

The Ten Most Popular Halloween Costumes So Far This Year

Duck Dynasty Characters Will Be In The Mix For This Years Hot Halloween Costumes


Friday, October 11, 201310/11/2013

Things That Were Considered Normal 20 Years Ago . . . But Are Frowned Upon Today

Calling Someone To Ask A Quick Question…Now Frowned Upon…

Premiere Of The Weinstein Company's "Lee Daniels' The Butler"

Thursday, October 10, 201310/10/2013

Oprah’s Real Name Is Orpah . . . and 10 Other Interesting Celebrity Facts

Plus…It’s Impossible To Block Who From Facebook?

Miley Cyrus performs on 'The Today Show'

Wednesday, October 9, 201310/09/2013

People Hate Congress More than the DMV, Hemorrhoids, and Cockroaches . . .

But Not as Much as They Dislike Miley Cyrus & A Few Others…

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