Is Paul McCartney Getting Ownership of the Beatles Catalog Back from Michael Jackson’s Estate . . . in 5 Years?
Is Paul McCartney Getting Ownership of the Beatles Catalog Back from Michael Jackson’s Estate . . . in 5 Years?

The British tabloids claim PAUL MCCARTNEY will regain ownership of the publishing rights to the BEATLES catalog, due to U.S. copyright law.

According to those reports, for songs written prior to 1978, the publishing rights become property of the songwriter after 56 years . . . meaning that the first Beatles’ songs will be eligible to return to Paul in five years, and he should have most of them by 2026.

For what it’s worth, Paul is 71 now.  He’ll be 76 when he supposedly gets the publishing rights to the Beatles’ early stuff . . . and he’ll be turning 84 in 2026.

It’s unclear how accurate these reports are.  Paul hasn’t commented.

For the past 30 years, MICHAEL JACKSON . . . and now Michael’s estate . . . owned the rights.  Michael ticked off Paul back in the ’80s by outbidding him, and purchasing the catalog for around $47.5 MILLION.

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