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Where Did Celebrities Work Before They Were Famous?
Where Did Celebrities Work Before They Were Famous?

The Huffington Post has put together a list of celebrities and their pre-fame jobs!  Check out the list.

Sean Connery:  Milkman

Kanye West,  Gap employee

Jennifer Aniston,  Telemarketer and bike messenger

Rachel McAdams,  McDonald’s employee

Eva Longoria,  Wendy’s employee

Sandra Bullock,  Bartender

Brad Pitt,  Limo driver

Tom Cruise,  Hotel bellhop

Jon Hamm,  Porn movie set designer  

Sylvester Stallone,  Lion cage cleaner at the Central Park Zoo

Ellen DeGeneres,  Oyster shucker  

Gwen Stefani,  Dairy Queen employee

Quentin Tarantino,  Usher at an adult movie theater  

Whoopi Goldberg,  Mortuary beautician and phone sex operator

Tim Allen,  Cocaine dealer

(He did more than two years’ time for it, too.  He was arrested in 1978)

Ozzy Osbourne,  Slaughterhouse employee

Patrick Dempsey,  Juggler

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