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What’s wrong with kids today?! 2 New Trends with Teens
What’s wrong with kids today?! 2 New Trends with Teens

Eyeball licking.

Apparently there’s a trend in Japan where instead of kissing each other, teenagers LICK EACH OTHER’S EYEBALLS.  You hold your eyeball open and your boyfriend or girlfriend licks it.

Adults caught onto it when a ton of kids started getting PINK EYE and blamed it on eyeball licking.  There’s no evidence that any kids over here are eyeball licking . . . FOR NOW.

Jumping off moving busses.

In San Francisco, there’s word that teenagers now KICK OPEN the door on moving busses and jump out.  It’s happened at least 15 times this month.

Obviously it’s dangerous and it’s getting blamed on teenagers looking to do something stupid . . . although one woman who’s witnessed a few bus jumps says, quote, “it’s mostly gangsters and sometimes hobos.”

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