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Want to Make More Money? Just Start Smoking… Then Quit
Want to Make More Money? Just Start Smoking… Then Quit

According to a new study out of the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta, people who USED to smoke make MORE MONEY than anyone else.

They make more money than people who are still smokers . . . AND more money than people who never started smoking in the first place.

People who never smoked make about 95% of what former smokers make.  Current smokers make about 80% of what former smokers make.

Why does it happen?  The researchers don’t have a theory, but we’ll make a guess that the average person who never smoked is a little too straight edged . . . while the average smoker might be a little more EDGY and CREATIVE.

And their ability to QUIT shows they have incredibly strong willpower and dedication.  So that mix of creativity and discipline is ultimately valuable at work.

So, we’re NOT suggesting you start smoking, get yourself nice and addicted, then try to quit . . . because you probably won’t be able to.  That being said, if you DO quit smoking . . . you’ll be RICHER than if you never smoked at all.

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