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The Key to Making Your Marriage Last Is…..
The Key to Making Your Marriage Last Is…..

Dex Mitchell brought this up this morning.  There’s some pretty great irony here.  A new study found the KEY to a great marriage is… doing things without each other.

78% of happy, successful couples say it’s important for both people to pursue their own individual interests and hobbies.

That got more than TWICE as many votes as the number two key to a successful marriage . . . 36% say it’s key to learn how to argue in a healthy way.  The study also asked DIVORCING couples what caused them to split up.  70% of men say their wife nagged them or complained too much . . . 83% of women say their husband didn’t pay enough attention to their feelings and opinions.

One more stat from the study:  95% of people agreed that after a divorce, the right time to start dating again is about six months. So if you are in Asheville and getting over a divorce don’t worry there are plenty of places to meet that perfect someone after six months.


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