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The 10 Things Men Do in the Kitchen That Drive Women Crazy
The 10 Things Men Do in the Kitchen That Drive Women Crazy

I don’t know if I really fit into all of these things on the list but I have been chased out of the kitchen a time or two because women cant stand it when I come within 10 feet of a kitchen!

According to a new survey, here are the top 10 things men do in the kitchen that irritate women the most . . .

1.  Making a mess when he’s cooking.

2.  Not helping with the dishes even when YOU cooked.

3.  Offering cooking advice like a backseat driver.

4.  Watching over your shoulder while you’re cooking.

5.  Adding ingredients and interfering behind your back.

6.  When he’s secretly a better cook than you are.

7.  His cooking tastes awful.

8.  He takes too long to make things.

9.  Posting photos of meals he cooks on Facebook.

10.  Hogging the kitchen and refusing to let you cook.

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