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People in Uganda Were Inspired By Avon Ladies to Sell Malaria Drugs Door-to-Door
People in Uganda Were Inspired By Avon Ladies to Sell Malaria Drugs Door-to-Door

50-year-old Chuck Slaughter has come up with a way to save lives in the third world . . . after being inspired by Avon Ladies.

Chuck started a non-profit company called Living Goods after realizing that Avon makes $10 billion a year… and started in rural towns and villages.  He thought the same idea could be used in Africa… to sell malaria medicine instead of makeup.

Living Goods buys drugs in bulk.  That means they get them for much cheaper than the black market, where malaria drugs go for six dollars a pill.  Or even hospitals, which sell them for 80 cents each.

Then they hire people who live in villages in Uganda to sell the drugs to neighbors, door-to-door, at a small profit.  It creates jobs for villagers and allows people to get drugs to fight malaria and diarrhea at a fraction of what they used to pay.

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