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Wednesday, June 4, 201406/04/2014

Eight things you need to buy or hold off on in June!

Lingerie! It’s usually this month that Victoria’s Secret unveils its famed Semi-Annual Sale, and last year we saw discounts on…


Friday, May 30, 201405/30/2014

Asheville’s Going Hollywood Again!

Want to be in a movie? This could be your chance!

Thursday, May 29, 201405/29/2014

Reunited and it feels so good!

A sweet tale of friendship between a donkey and a goat.

Thursday, May 15, 201405/15/2014

Love Never Felt So Good

Must see video of the late Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake performing a song from Jackson’s new album, “Xscape”.


Tuesday, May 13, 201405/13/2014

If You Argue a Lot, You’re Gonna Die Soon?

Do you find yourself getting into arguments ALL THE TIME?  And not just with your husband or wife . .…

caleb come home

Monday, May 12, 201405/12/2014

Caleb Johnson Day

Caleb Johnson and the American Idol camera crews visit Asheville for his “hometown visit”. Here’s a look at his day.


Monday, May 5, 201405/05/2014

(Secret codes) Prices on items can tell you a lot.

  Kyle James, the founder of rather-be-shopping.com Has found that its possible to figure out which items in a store…


Tuesday, April 29, 201404/29/2014

What are you reading?

Looking for your next favorite book? Check out these recommendations.


Friday, April 25, 201404/25/2014

31 Upcoming, Unnecessary Movie Remakes and Sequels

1.  “Annie” 2.  “The Crow” 3.  “Flight of the Navigator” 4.  “Godzilla” . . . with “Breaking Bad” star Bryan Cranston 5.  “Legend of Conan” 6.  “Gremlins” 7.  “It” 8.  “Overboard” 9.  “Drop…

caleb rocking

Thursday, April 24, 201404/24/2014

See Caleb’s Latest Great Performance

Caleb Johnson continues to rock his way to the top on this season’s American Idol. And it’s not just his singing that’s wowing the judges!

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That's So Asheville


A “That’s so Asheville” super ride!!

We saw this awesome Asheville car on Patton ave a few days ago near the Goodwill! Love it!

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