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Tammy and Dex


Thursday, October 24, 201310/24/2013

Asheville’s in the national spotlight



Monday, October 21, 201310/21/2013

Celebrities Who Were Homecoming King and Queen

Celebrities love to act like they were the “weird kid” in high school.  But some were just as popular then…


Wednesday, October 16, 201310/16/2013

A Hero’s Hero

See the battlefield action of an American Hero

drunk congress

Friday, October 11, 201310/11/2013

Take that Congress!

Here’s a fun way to tell Congress what you really think!


Tuesday, October 8, 201310/08/2013

Jeepers Creepers!

Slashers, psychological thrillers … what’s your favorite scary movie?


Friday, October 4, 201310/04/2013

Flashback to the 80′s with your kids

The folks at Buzzfeed.com have created a list of “must see” 80′s movies for your kids. Check it out ……


Thursday, September 26, 201309/26/2013

The Seven Things We’d Refuse to Give Up, Regardless of Our Financial Situation

According to a new poll, 36% of Americans say they live paycheck to paycheck almost every month.  Which is actually…


Wednesday, September 18, 201309/18/2013

11 Co-Workers Everyone Has

1. Nosy Ned- This is the co-worker that always has to be in your business!

2. The Know it all – Stop what you’re doing and let this co-worker show you how its done!


Sunday, September 8, 201309/08/2013

Tammy & Dex battle a bull

See what happen when Tammy & Dex come face to face with a bull @ the NC Mountain State Fair.


Monday, August 26, 201308/26/2013

Having trouble sleeping? Here’s the answer!! maybe…

You don’t need medication to help you fall asleep . . . you just need to GET RICHER. A new study found that MONEY really works better than Ambien. Or maybe it just helps you afford more Ambien? Either way, it works

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That's So Asheville


A “That’s so Asheville” super ride!!

We saw this awesome Asheville car on Patton ave a few days ago near the Goodwill! Love it!

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