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Tammy and Dex


Thursday, October 18, 201210/18/2012

Thursday’s Celebrity Scoop

“Multiple sources” say JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE and JESSICA BIEL are getting married in Italy this week. FLAVOR FLAV was arrested early…

Thursday, October 18, 201210/18/2012

This is SO cool!

Check out this time-elapsed video of the Space Shuttle Endeavor’s move into its Los Angeles home.

Thursday, October 18, 201210/18/2012

Taste Throwdown with The Takeout


Thursday, October 18, 201210/18/2012

Do Taylor Swift lyrics work as pickup lines?

Thursday, October 18, 201210/18/2012

Let’s get ready to rum…vote.

Early voting starts today runs through Saturday Nov. 3rd. Voters can cast a ballot at any early voting site in…

Thursday, October 18, 201210/18/2012

Vote for Somebody!

Wednesday, October 17, 201210/17/2012

What’s the meaning of THIS?

Think you know what’s behind the lyrics of some of our favorite songs? Test your knowledge with this quiz then…

Wednesday, October 17, 201210/17/2012

Our interview with Patricia Cornwell

New York Times Bestseller Patricia Cornwell’s latest novel is hitting shelves this week. It’s the 20th book in the Kay…

Tuesday, October 16, 201210/16/2012

Save $$ this winter!

Get ready for winter and save some money! Find out how during the Energy Efficiency Class hosted by Ontrack WNC.…

Tuesday, October 16, 201210/16/2012

Romantic Asheville!

Check out this awesome surprise proposal in Pritchard Park. Thanks Ashvegas for sharing!

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A “That’s so Asheville” super ride!!

We saw this awesome Asheville car on Patton ave a few days ago near the Goodwill! Love it!

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