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Monday, January 20, 201401/20/2014

The ’60s Have Been Voted the Most Fashionable Decade See if you agree with the rest of the list!

A new survey asked women to vote for the decade with the best fashion . . . here are the…

phone booth

Friday, January 3, 201401/03/2014

Mom, what’s a phone booth?

Times are a’changing and here’s the proof.


Tuesday, December 24, 201312/24/2013

Where’s Santa Now?

Here’s how to keep with with Santa’s Christmas Eve shenanigans.


Friday, December 20, 201312/20/2013

Rion Holcombe has Down Syndrome and got some pretty amazing news

A 20-year-old from South Carolina, Rion Holcombe has Down Syndrome and got some pretty amazing news. He recently found out…


Tuesday, November 26, 201311/26/2013

A Book of Bullies

Were you bullied in school? Is your child being bullied? Don’t miss this amazing work by a local high school senior!

mike tyson

Thursday, November 21, 201311/21/2013

Reunited and it feels so good!

Check out this awesome commercial featuring Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield


Tuesday, November 19, 201311/19/2013

The Key to Making Your Marriage Last Is…..

Dex Mitchell brought this up this morning. There’s some pretty great irony here. A new study found the KEY to a great marriage is… doing things


Tuesday, November 12, 201311/12/2013

Remembering 5-year old Lola Ramsey

Here’s how you can help the family of 5-year old Lola Ramsey.


Monday, November 11, 201311/11/2013

Marriage Reality

35 questions to ask your beloved BEFORE you say “I DO”.

window washer

Friday, November 8, 201311/08/2013

A job by any other name …

If you’re house painter with a fancy title, do you earn any more? Check out these sophisticated titles for some not-so-glamorous jobs.

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