Tammy & Dex

Tammy and Dex


Thursday, November 8, 201211/08/2012

Princess Training Video

Now that Princess Leia is part of Disney World, she’ll have to start behaving like a proper princess. Here’s the…

Thursday, November 8, 201211/08/2012

Your mom was right!

Mom was right when she nagged you to stand up straight or to sit up straight or both! A new…

Wednesday, November 7, 201211/07/2012

7 secret beauty tips when you’re sick

Welcome to the cold and flu season. The good news is that feeling yuck doesn’t mean you have to look…

Wednesday, November 7, 201211/07/2012

Firefighters Need Our Help

Hearts with Hands Director Bill Bradley tells us that about one hundred firefighters are among the victims of Super storm…

Tuesday, November 6, 201211/06/2012

Local Election Coverage

Buncombe County Commission Chair: David Gantt Buncombe County Commission District 1: Holly Jones & Brownie Newman District 2: Potential recount; 2…

Monday, November 5, 201211/05/2012

“E” for eventually

How far can you still go when the gas light in your car comes on? There’s a website that in…

Friday, November 2, 201211/02/2012

Mix Mornings Taste of Asheville Spotlight

Win $50 gift certificate to Louise’ Kitchen in Black Mountain. Watch this video to find out how!!

Friday, November 2, 201211/02/2012

Heidi Klum NAKED!

Okay not like THAT but she is pictured sans makeup. See what you think.   

Wednesday, October 31, 201210/31/2012

Halloween Family Fun

Asheville Mall Trick or Treating 5:30-7:30; FREE Hendersonville Main Street Trick or Treating 5:30 to 9; FREE Mills River Tailgate…

Tuesday, October 30, 201210/30/2012

Tricky Treats – do you know which is better for you?

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or Snickers? The better choice: Snickers –  less fat, less saturated fat, and 10 fewer calories per…

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A “That’s so Asheville” super ride!!

We saw this awesome Asheville car on Patton ave a few days ago near the Goodwill! Love it!