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Tammy and Dex


Wednesday, October 24, 201210/24/2012

21st Century Punishment

A mom and dad in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, says their daughter “got fresh” with them so… they took away her phone,…

Wednesday, October 24, 201210/24/2012

Joe can do all that?!

Your coffee wakes you up in the morning and keeps you buzzing in the afternoon. Did you know it also…

Wednesday, October 24, 201210/24/2012

Baseball’s BEST!

In honor of tonight’s start of the World Series, here’s the BEST baseball film ever!

Tuesday, October 23, 201210/23/2012

Does $$$ grow on Christmas Trees?

We’re both old enough to know that there’s no such thing as a money tree, so come January there’s no…

Tuesday, October 23, 201210/23/2012

Six Degrees of Stephen King

Tuesday, October 23, 201210/23/2012

Today’s Health Headlines

Battling type 2 diabetes? Eat more beans. A Canadian study found a daily does of legumes led to small drops…

Tuesday, October 23, 201210/23/2012

Boo Boo Brat?

Tuesday, October 23, 201210/23/2012

Hello Baby Giraffe!

Auburn the Giraffe is a momma! The Greenville Zoo resident gave birth last night and you can watch the two…

Tuesday, October 23, 201210/23/2012

5 ideas to keep Halloween from tricking your waist!

I’m doing the Weight Watchers plan and got these tips in an email this week. Some good ideas. Buy late. The…

Tuesday, October 23, 201210/23/2012

Who knew?!

Why does Walt Disney World seem larger than life? Walt Disney ingeniously used an optical illusion called forced perspective to…

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