Tammy & Dex

Tammy and Dex


Friday, January 25, 201301/25/2013

Matt Damon hijacks Jimmy Kimmel Show = AWESOME

Tuesday, January 22, 201301/22/2013

Torturing Dex

You gave us wacky food combo ideas and Dex took them for a test drive. For a guy from Tennessee…

Tuesday, January 22, 201301/22/2013

The New Rules of Dating


Monday, January 21, 201301/21/2013

Tammy’s Tidbits

Being single can make you sick. We’ve heard it before and here’s more proof. Loneliness can drain the immune system…

Friday, January 18, 201301/18/2013

Are you lonesome tonight?

Elvis the English Bulldog says don’t be cruel; love me tender.

Friday, January 18, 201301/18/2013

Friday Movie Review

She’s the maven of movies who tells us in tiaras how worthy a movie is of our time. This week…

Wednesday, January 16, 201301/16/2013

Is your man annoying you?

Yourtango.com is out with a list of the top 5 annoying man habits. Does your man make the list? 5.…

Wednesday, January 16, 201301/16/2013

Sandy Hook School students pay tribute to their classmates

Students from the Sandy Hook Elementary School choir recently teamed with singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson on a version of “Somewhere Over…

Tuesday, January 15, 201301/15/2013

News tidbits from Tammy

Health note for women Eat more berries ladies. A new study shows blueberries and strawberries can lower your risk of…

Friday, January 11, 201301/11/2013

Itsy Bitsy is looking for Love!

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A “That’s so Asheville” super ride!!

We saw this awesome Asheville car on Patton ave a few days ago near the Goodwill! Love it!

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