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Friday, March 22, 201303/22/2013

Fresh Pup of Bel Air!

Here’s your warm and fuzzy for the day.

anchorman 290312

Thursday, March 21, 201303/21/2013

Ron Burgundy + Taylor Swift = LOL!

Kate Upton face of Accessorize

Thursday, March 21, 201303/21/2013

“I’m Optimus Prime”

High Schooler asks Kate Upton to his senior prom. Here’s what he sent: And she responded saying she was flattered…


Thursday, March 21, 201303/21/2013

Call Me something else

Think you’re a better songwriter than Carly Rae Jepsen?


Monday, March 18, 201303/18/2013

7 Pop Culture Icons Turn 30

What was Michael Jackson doing 30 years ago that we still do today?

elton john and billy joel 120709

Thursday, March 14, 201303/14/2013

Why you should ask for what you want!

See what happens when you have the courage to speak up.

beer pic

Wednesday, March 13, 201303/13/2013

Now THAT’s a Keg of Beer!

Construction is about to get underway on Sierra Nevada’s East Coast operation near the Asheville Regional Airport. Keep your eyes…


Tuesday, March 12, 201303/12/2013

Like Rocky on Facebook? Good news!

Facebook likes say a lot about you. Here’s the science.

real estate sign

Monday, March 11, 201303/11/2013

5 Secrets Real Estate Agents Don’t Want You to Know

If you’re getting ready to buy or sell a house, read this first!

egg timer

Friday, March 8, 201303/08/2013

The 2 minute difference

120 seconds can make you smarter.

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A “That’s so Asheville” super ride!!

We saw this awesome Asheville car on Patton ave a few days ago near the Goodwill! Love it!

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