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Mom, what’s a phone booth?
Mom, what’s a phone booth?
If you still remember 8 tracks and a world before remote control, you’ll certainly appreciate the following list. Here are 8 things that children who are born this year may never experience. Progress?

The post office–Instead of email, someone used to come all the way to your house just to drop a bunch of ads into a box on the front porch.

Parking meters–
There was a time when you had to pay for parking by putting coins into a little steel box on a pole.
Bank tellers–People used to visit a bank branch to make deposits and withdrawals. That can now be done digitally in seconds with no travel involved.
Paper statements–Trees used to give their lives so that those who refused to go digital could get bills and other statements in the mail.
Paper checks–While it was illegal to make your own paper money, it was OK to write an amount of money on a piece of ordinary paper. Once you signed it, it somehow magically became the same as money.
Phone booths–Before everyone had wireless phones, there used to be little glass rooms on street corners where you’d go in and use coins to make a call.
Car keys–Cars had keys you’d insert into a keyhole in the doors and dashboard to unlock and start the car. Sometimes you’d lock them in, then try to retrieve them with a coat hanger.
Fax machines–These devices transmitted a piece of paper to another fax machine anywhere in the world. It worked over phone lines.

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