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Let’s Go Shopping!!
Let’s Go Shopping!!

North Carolina’s tax-free weekend kicks off @ 12:01 am Friday & wraps up at 11:59 pm Sunday.

What’s covered?

Any item of clothing that’s less than $100. This includes everything from socks and shoes to coats and diapers … even wedding dresses … but good luck on getting one of those for less than $100!

Sport or recreational items that are less than $50. You won’t get a break on a treadmill but you can get the kids their ballet or athletic shoes, gloves, and shin guards. You can even pick up some waders!

Computers, including digital e-readers with internet access, tablets and laptops, that are priced less than $3,500. Oddly, a keyboard, mouse or monitor is not included unless it’s part of a bundle. But stock up on USB drives, printers and print supplies, including ink cartridges. Those are tax-exempt.

School supplies that are less than $100 per item, including book bags, lunch boxes, calculators and protractors.

School instructional items, like textbooks and globes, are tax-exempt if they’re priced at under $300.

What’s not covered?

The sales tax break doesn’t apply to Jewelry, perfume, cosmetics, wallets and handbags, furniture, guns or other protective equipment.

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