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60% of Bosses Don’t Believe It When You Call in Sick… Here Are the Three Reasons Why
60% of Bosses Don’t Believe It When You Call in Sick… Here Are the Three Reasons Why

We hate to make blind judgment about your character . . . but we’re guessing you’ve faked a sick day at some point in your career.  Well . . . even if your boss played along, there’s a good chance they didn’t believe you.

According to a new survey, 60% of bosses say they usually DON’T believe their employees when they call in sick.

The main reason for not believing an employee is that they don’t SOUND sick enough.  The number two reason is nice weather outside . . . number three is the person seemed totally fine the day before.

One in three bosses say they now check social media to see if the employee is dumb enough to post something that proves they were lying about being sick.

The average person says they’ve faked four sick days.

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