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5 beauty mistakes that make you look old
5 beauty mistakes that make you look old

1. Too much foundation
Putting on a thick layer of foundation is obvious to anyone who spends a few moments looking at your face. The more skin people can see and the less makeup the better.

2. Too much concealer
As you get older, the skin under the eye becomes thinner, making concealer more obvious. Use light amounts.

3. Poor hairstyle choice
Long and flat hair exaggerates the look of a droopier, older face without bringing out the good in your face.

4. Shinier eye shadow
Shiny and shimmering eye shadow is popular but is shows signs of aging more than any shadow. Opt for matte colors.

5. Adding makeup to the lower eye and lashes
As you get older, to make yourself look younger you need to stop using mascara and eyeliner on the lower area of your eye. This only brings attention to the dark circles and other effects of aging instead of making your eyes look more beautiful. Also, keep the eyeliner off the lower part of the eye, it does the same.


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