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11 Co-Workers Everyone Has
11 Co-Workers Everyone Has

I think everyone working in Asheville has at least a few of these types working in your office..

1. Nosy Ned- This is the co-worker that always has to be in your business!

2. The Know it all – Stop what you’re doing and let this co-worker show you how its done!

3. The One-Upper- Had a long day?  Not as long as this co-worker.  Sent out three proposals? He sent out five!

4. The Klutz AKA Tammy Jones –  Opps I forgot to put the coffee pot under the coffee machine and hit the start button!

5 Debbie Downer – Watch out for this co-worker in the hall way… A run in with him and you will be suck hearing about every horrible thing in the world that has happen to them.

6. The Jokester AKA Dex Mitchell – Always has to have a smart little come back to everything….

7. The Cheerleader- “Come on team 8 a.m. meeting = no problem”  “I Love doing ____________…. everything…..”

8. The Office Crush– Don’t worry about doing any work.. You’re fine just sitting there at the desk in front of me..

9. The Health Nut- “Are you really eating that?  That’s so… unhealthy for you”  “I had such a great workout this morning at 5 am,  Let me tell you all about it”

10. The One Who’s Always “Sick”– I don’t remember the last time this person worked a full week without being out sick for something.

11. The Facebooker – Every time you walk by this person’s desk they always have facebook up and immediately try to click off of it so it looks like they are doing real work!

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