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Tuesday, April 26, 201604/26/2016

411 – Tuesday’s Show

Scientists say on average we lose 15 socks a year. Why??? A psychologist and a statistician came up with a…


Tuesday, April 12, 201604/12/2016

Money Can Buy Happiness

Dex Mitchell was talking about this on Tuesday.  A new study out of Cambridge University in England found that money…

Thursday, April 7, 201604/07/2016

Star Wars – Rogue one our first look at the trailer!



Wednesday, March 30, 201603/30/2016

The 411 – Wednesday’s Show

You have to check out the pictures and details of this extraordinary wedding that happened over the weekend. The heir…


Tuesday, March 29, 201603/29/2016

The 411- Tuesday’s Show

Forget the plastic spoons & forks. Coming soon: edible utensils! A fellow in India has made and sold more than…

Monday, March 28, 201603/28/2016

The 411 from Monday’s Show

Have you tried an Escape Room yet? Dex swears getting locked into a room and solving clues so you can…


Thursday, March 24, 201603/24/2016

The 411 for 3/24/16

Greenville, South Carolina police officer Allen Jacobs is being laid to rest today. He was shot and killed while trying…


Thursday, March 17, 201603/17/2016

411-Thursday’s Show

We talked about apps that can help you overcome negativity, build confidence and even help you practice better habits. Here…


Friday, March 11, 201603/11/2016

The 411- Friday’s Show

UNC Asheville is inviting the public to a party Sunday afternoon for NCAA selection Sunday – the Bulldogs won the…

Thursday, March 10, 201603/10/2016

The 411 – Thursday’s Show

This will make your heart happy! A man in Brazil rescued a baby penguin that was covered in oil and…

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That's So Asheville

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Furry Fandom

Celebrating Asheville’s Quirkiness


A “That’s so Asheville” super ride!!

We saw this awesome Asheville car on Patton ave a few days ago near the Goodwill! Love it!