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Ken grew up about an hour away in Mitchell County, yet made stops in Mississippi and Tennessee before ending up in Asheville. Clearly, Ken is terrible at geography, but was somehow a Mitchell High valedictorian, which we really think he should stop mentioning. He started in radio at the age of 16 at WTOE in Spruce Pine. After several years as a TV news reporter, producer, and weather man, he joined our station in 2003, and co-hosted the morning show for almost eight years.

In that time, we managed to get him through dating and marriage. After the birth of his second child, Ken decided to leave the morning show to become a mostly stay-at-home dad.   He’s shifted to Mix Middays, where he now counts on the bosses taking an early lunch so they don’t see him turn the studio into a daycare center.



Thursday, July 17, 201407/17/2014

Stop Doing These Things Before You’re 30

So I’m not sure what this has to do with business, but the folks at Business Insider have put together…


Wednesday, July 16, 201407/16/2014

The Cost Of Living Healthier…Or Trying To

There’s ALWAYS a new diet to try . . . eating like a caveman, only drinking juice for a month,…


Tuesday, July 15, 201407/15/2014

Bad Conversation Habits?

I agree with some of these.  However, it’s my opinion that if you have juicy gossip you just have to spill,…


Wednesday, July 9, 201407/09/2014

The Most Beautiful Place In America, Is Here!

Good Morning America put Asheville at the top of it’s “Most Beautiful Places In America List.  Check out their reasons…


Monday, July 7, 201407/07/2014

20 Unusual Uses For Coke…

…including a couple for your hair.  The next time I get a hankering to join a boy band and get…

fireworks pic

Friday, July 4, 201407/04/2014

Most Patriotic Places

North Carolina is the third most patriotic state according to real estate website Movoto. They based results on factors including the…


Tuesday, July 1, 201407/01/2014

5 Reasons Not To Post Politics On Facebook

This wil probably start its own little firestorm, so I’m throwing it out there and running away.  I don’t know…


Monday, June 30, 201406/30/2014

Lost Dog App

Did you know according to the ASPCA, 20 percent of dogs who run away this year go missing on July…


Friday, June 27, 201406/27/2014

Another Casting Call

Producers of Loomis Fargo, the Zach Gailifianakis/Owen Wilson/Kristen Wiig movie being made in Asheville, are having another casting call.  Are…


Thursday, June 26, 201406/26/2014

How Many Have You Seen?

I think Entertainment Weekly may be judging our parenting skills.  So, how do they think we’re doing, anyway?  See the…

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