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Ken grew up about an hour away in Mitchell County, yet made stops in Mississippi and Tennessee before ending up in Asheville. Clearly, Ken is terrible at geography, but was somehow a Mitchell High valedictorian, which we really think he should stop mentioning. He started in radio at the age of 16 at WTOE in Spruce Pine. After several years as a TV news reporter, producer, and weather man, he joined our station in 2003, and co-hosted the morning show for almost eight years.

In that time, we managed to get him through dating and marriage. After the birth of his second child, Ken decided to leave the morning show to become a mostly stay-at-home dad.   He’s shifted to Mix Middays, where he now counts on the bosses taking an early lunch so they don’t see him turn the studio into a daycare center.



Wednesday, April 23, 201404/23/2014

The “Belfie”

Have you heard of the “belfie”?  Apparently, the new thing is people taking and posting photos of their own backsides. …


Monday, April 21, 201404/21/2014

Honestly Simple Things For Earth Day

Do you leave your phone charger plugged in even when the phone’s not attached? Guilty. I didn’t realize it was…


Thursday, April 17, 201404/17/2014

Social Media Snooping

Ever used social media to spy on someone you just met?  Sure you have.  We’ve all done it.  Now a…


Thursday, April 17, 201404/17/2014

Facing The Fuzzy Facts

According to fashion experts, the latest wave of the beard trend may be gone like a whisker in the wind, but…


Tuesday, April 15, 201404/15/2014

Doggie Deduction?

So let’s say your scrambling to tackle your taxes when your dog starts barking for a walk and a treat. …


Wednesday, April 9, 201404/09/2014

Twitter Cheaters

Maybe I’m a dinosaur, since I just can’t get into the hip, groovy scene of today’s youngsters.  I’m just now…


Monday, April 7, 201404/07/2014

Scared To Take Vacation

Afraid to go on vacation because you don’t want someone to swoop in take your job?  You are not alone.…


Wednesday, April 2, 201404/02/2014

Extreme Exercise

CrossFit not hard enough for you? Well, there’s a new exercise gaining in popularity that tests the upper limits of…


Tuesday, April 1, 201404/01/2014

Underrated Asheville?

Do you agree? Is Asheville deserve to be on the list of “Seven Of The Most Underrated Food Cities In…


Tuesday, April 1, 201404/01/2014

Sneezin Season

Spring is here and you know what that means: Allergies. But depending on where you live, you could be experiencing…

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